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Pays for itself.

Get your money back in just one or two vouchers/month 💰Redeem tableside via our mobile app and it comes right off your bill 📱Give any of your vouchers away as gifts 🎁

Agave House - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Alaine's Green Heart Bakery - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Antsy Nancy - $20 off all classes
Ate Kei's Filipino Treats - $5 off your bill (8x/year)
Bacio Italiano - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
BATA - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Batch - $2 off every visit
Beaut Burger - $10 off your bill
Bubbe's Fine Bagels - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Button Brew House - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Cafe a la C'art - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Cafe Francais - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Calle Tepa - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Casa Del Rio - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Catalina Brewing Co. - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Charly's BBQ & Grill - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Chilttepica Products - $5 off your bill (8x/year)
Commoner & Co. - $40 off your bill
CORBETT'S - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Coronet Cafe - $1 off a beverage every visit
Coronet Restaurant - 20% off your bill
Cuppa GoGo - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Del Cielo Tamales Restaurant - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Dominick's Real Italian - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Elevated Espresso - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Ermanos Bar - $20 off your bill
Espressoul Cafe - $5 off your bill every month
Falora Pizza - $20 off your bill
Fentonelli's Pizzeria & Bar - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Flora's Market Run - $20 off your bill at the restaurant (2x/year) + $10 off your bill in the market (4x/year)
Fresco Pizzeria & Pastaria - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
Fuku Sushi - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Gentle Ben's - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Ghini's French Caffe - $15 off your bill (4x/year)
Gourmet Girls - $10 off your bill (4x/year) + one (1) free custom 8" cake ($60 value)
Heirloom Farmers Market - One free $5 token (4x/year)
HF Coors - $40 off your bill
HighWire Tucson - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
HUB Restaurant & Ice Creamery - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Humble Board - $20 off to-go boards (2x/year) + $75 off one (1) Grazing Table
Iron John's Brewing - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Jaime’s Pizza Kitchen - $10 off your bill (4x/year) + a free lemonade every month
JoJo's Restaurant - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Juniper - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Kingfisher - $40 off your bill
La Olla Mexican Cafe - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Lindy's on 4th - $10 off your bill (4x/year)

The Loft Cinema - 2 free movie passes
Lovin' Spoonfuls - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Mafia Kitchen - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Mojo Cuban Kitchen and Rum Bar - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Monsoon Chocolate - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
MTL Bagels - $5 off your bill (8x/year)
Nightjar - $1 off drinks every visit
Noble Hops - $40 off your bill
Nook - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
OBON Sushi Bar Ramen - $15 off your bill
Owls Club - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Pearly Bottle Shop - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
Penca - $40 off your bill
Penelope Pizza -$10 off your bill (4x/year) + one (1) free desert at monthly Pasta Night
Playground Bar & Lounge - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Postino - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Portal Cocktails - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
Prep & Pastry - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
Pure Poke & Prep - $10 off your bill (8x/year)
PY Steakhouse - $20 off your bill + one (1) complimentary cocktail
Redbird Scratch Kitchen + Bar - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Renee's Tucson - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
Rocco's Little Chicago - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Samurai Sombrero - $20 off your bill (4x/year)
Sand-Reckoner - $15 off tastings (2x/year) + $10 off a bottle of wine
Sawmill Run Restaurant - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Si Charro Concepts - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
Snake and Barrel - $2 off every visit
Tandem American Eatery - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Tavolino Ristorante Italiano - $20 off your lunch bill (2x/year) + $20 off your dinner bill (2x/year)
The Little One - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
The Parish - One (1) complimentary Tapas or Specialty Cocktail
Thunder Bacon Burger - $5 off your bill every month
Tommy D's Chicago Style Craft Eats - $5 off your bill every month
Transit Tea - $10 off your bill every month
Tucson Hop Shop - $4 off your bill every month
Tucson Tamale - $20 off your bill (2x/year) + BOGO hot sauces
Tucson Wings - $20 off your bill (2x/year)
V's Barbershop - 20% off one service (2x/year)
Vera Earl Premium Beef - $20 off your bill (4x/year)
Vero Amore - $40 off your bill
Whiskey Del Bac - $10 off your bill (4x/year)
Zio Peppe - $40 off your bill
...and more added every month!

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What goes better together than dinner and a movie?

Access our monthly R&D dinner series with top local chefs

Inspired by Tasting Collective, we take over top local restaurants for an evening of experimental tasting menus with rich dialogue between chefs and diners through conversation, feedback cards and a fireside chat in a fun, collaborative format.

2023-2024 season line-up:
- Chef Mat Cable of Fresco - December ✅
- JoJos - January ✅
- Chef Devon Sanner of Zio Peppe - March 26
- Chef Gary Hickey of Charro Steak - April 20
- Corbett's - May 18
- La Olla Mexican Cafe - June 12
- Tavolino - July 15

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Meet other foodies and join unique curated experiences

Every month we get together at a different restaurant, cafe or unique venue around Tucson and connect over good food and drink (on the house).Our Community Team also creates unique, curated foodie experiences throughout the year for our members, from classes to tours to tastings. Just a buncha fun stuff we wanna do, too!

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Get hooked up!

Insiders experience a flood monsoon of freebies, upgrades, early-access and special perks to fun stuff in Tucson all year long.Here's a list of just some of what Insiders have enjoyed:

- 50% off Tucson Craft Beer Crawl
- 15% off tickets to SAVOR
- 20% off shows at The Tucson Jazz Fest
- Free glass of Cava and dessert at Penca's NYE Dinner
- Vino Stache Wine Pairing Dinner: $20 dinner pricing (or $40 with wine pairings) + $25 roundtrip shuttle to Sonoita
- Free dessert at Pasta Night at Penelope Pizza
- Complimentary pours of bubbly wine at San Reckoner's Holiday Bubbles Member Mixer
- 10% off the Tucson Foodie Holiday Gift Box
- $20 off Watershed Management Group's Rainwater on Tap Happy Hour
- 20% off passes to TENWEST
- Free Roadrunners hat at Hockey & Hops
- Free event t-shirt at Oysterfest at Kingfisher
- Complimentary Holiday Treat Bag from Cute & Classy Krispies at Local First Arizona's Merry Mercado
- $10 off TCOG's Dining in the Desert
- Complimentary upgrade to American Queer Af Horror Story
- $20 off cooking classes at Antsy Nancy
- 40% off Saguaro City Music Theater: Dinner & A Show
- Free pass to Film Fest Tucson
- $10 off tickets to TCOG's Tucson Cocktail Challenge
- Free cocktail at Tough Luck Club's happy hour
- 50% off GUT! Presents: Global Flavors Fall Festival
- Early bird access and special pricing at The HighWire Cocktail Factory
- Free goodies at 16 vendors throughout Vegan Night Market
- $5 off tickets to I LOVE TO EAT (A Love Story with Food)
- 15% off tickets to SAACA's The Salsa, Tequila & Taco Challenge
- Extra free goodies in your goodie bag at Tucson Doobie's Infused Dinner # 3 Flavors of the Sonoran Desert w/ Chef Wendy Garcia
- 20% off Iron Chef Tucson
- Free cocktail at Whiskey del Bac
- Free cocktail at Barbata's happy hour
- No cover charge ($10) at the Jackfrost Lounge Holiday Party
- 50% off tickets to Brews & Bites
- $5 off tickets to Ghost Bar
+ mucho mas ❤️

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Update, pause or cancel anytime in the member portal

Pause or cancel anytime in the member portal.
We do not share or sell your personal data ever.

A few words from our members

"I love being a part of this community. I've made new friends, explored new restaurants and had some super memorable experiences. So glad this exists in Tucson!"

Colby Elliott, Member #1

"We love being members because it has helped us break out of our comfort zones in Tucson. We love trying new places and different food with friends."

Alicia Klein, Member #146

"The best part of being a Foodie member has been getting to try different restaurants that I might have never tried before. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Richard T. Grabe

"Supporting independent businesses is one of the great joys of living in Tucson. I am proud to know that when I support Tucson Foodie, I am supporting locally owned business and members of my community. Tucson Foodie brings people together, and to me that is what it’s all about."

Casey Hilde

"We enjoy being a Tucson Foodie member because it brings us opportunities to try new food. One reason we moved to Tucson was the culture. Being a member allows us to experience culture through food. Not only do we enjoy the food, we also enjoy the exclusive events, like Corbett’s."

Jerry Moon

"Being an Insider has exposed me to new restaurants, new friends and new experiences! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the best restaurants in Tucson!!"

Stephen Negri

"We have loved being a Foodie Insider member so far for a variety of reasons, but especially the social aspect as well as stepping away from our regular haunts and finding new spots to love."

Johnny Zapp

"Being a Foodie member has not only gotten us to try new places, but also explore areas of Tucson that we don’t typically go. It’s also a really great conversation starter when talking to new people!"

Anna Zappia

"Love the variety of restaurants I wouldn’t try otherwise, and the local connection!"

Sam Klein

"We love being Tucson Foodie Members because with our passport with have experienced new restaurants, eaten delicious food, and have had some excellent cocktails in very unique cocktail bars. We love the opportunities as we did today getting to eat at the newest restaurants in town and share our experiences with friends. We are known as the go to couple of you want to know anything about the newest places in Tucson. We also love the people who run Tucson Foodie. You are an amazing group who are so welcoming and are truly working to build a Tucson Foodie Community!"

Nancy Hayes

"I enjoy being a Foodie because, as someone relatively new to the Tucson area, my Foodie membership provides me with the best possible opportunity to learn how to the peel the onion that is Tucson. With most cities, visitors and new residents are immediately introduced to the best the region has to offer, and it does not necessarily go up from there. However, as I am proudly educating my friends from afar, Tucson introduces newbies to its vibrant authentic self and then just gets better and better with each experience!"

Patti Hageman

"I love being a foodie member because meeting new friends at the mixers is great, and the passport gives me a chance to visit places I might never get have tried. I love the app and all the options."


Become an Insider

Join the biggest community of food and beverage lovers in the Southwest.

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What do I get with my Insider membership?

Membership provides access to all of our events including monthly chef-led dinners, member mixers and community experiences. Members also get over $4,000 in vouchers to over 80 locally-owned restaurants, and discounts, early-access and/or other perks to a wide range of other events and festivals throughout Tucson.

How do I become a member and get access to your events?

Easy peasy! Scroll up (or down) and click one the big red Join buttons (or just click here). After you set up your payment information, you'll get a welcome email from our Director or Community with next steps, which include instructions for downloading the Tucson Foodie mobile app where you'll find all your goodies waiting for you.

How can I stay updated on upcoming Insider perks?

All new perks are added to the Tucson Foodie Member app and sent to you via email and/or text, depending on your preferences.

How much does membership cost?

Membership is $20/month and can be paused or canceled at any time in the member portal.

Are there any other fees on top of the $20/month membership fee?

Member mixers are included in your membership and always include food and drink. The restaurant vouchers are also fully included. Tickets to our monthly chef-led R&D dinner series are always $65 (100% of which goes to the Chef) and can only be purchased by Insiders. Most of the unique curated experiences are covered by your membership fee, but some may come with an additional fee.

How do I download and log into the app?

How do I redeem a voucher?

All vouchers are redeemed via the Tucson Foodie mobile app (which can be downloaded at When you're at a restaurant, simply go to the Redemption page for the voucher you want to redeem. Show your server your phone, tap Redeem and they'll take it right off your bill. Easy!

Do I have to spend the entire voucher?

Yes. Each voucher is single-use. They do not carry a balance like a gift card would. This is why some places give you 4 x $10 vouchers rather than 1 x $40 vouchers. The value of each voucher was chosen to match the average check size at a restaurant so that you are sure to get the full value.

Do the vouchers expire?

Vouchers never expire, but they replenish after a certain number of days. For example, most $10 vouchers replenish 90 days after you use it, while most $40 vouchers replenish a year after you use it. Some, like the amazing Transit Tea voucher ($10), replenish every month! The more you use, the more you get.And yes - two or more Insiders can each use their vouchers when dining together.

What can I expect from an R&D dinner experience?

These experiences are all about sparking engaging conversations between culinary artists and food enthusiasts. We transform some of Tucson's finest independent restaurants into captivating culinary theaters. Here, chefs curate imaginative tasting menus and step out from behind the scenes to personally present each course, exchange tales, and engage in Q&A via a fireside chat at the end of the dinner.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Members can buy a +1 ticket for a non-member to a chef-led dinner for the regular $65 price, plus a non-member fee of $20. Member mixers and unique experiences are members-only.

What type of cuisine can I expect at your events?

Every event and dinner is different. We will keep you informed as menus are finalized for each event.

Is there a dress code?

Come as you are, be appreciated as you are.

Can I make special requests for seating arrangements?

We will do our best to accommodate any seating preferences that you may have, though we’re unable to make any promises as seating arrangements will vary among venues and may require last-minute changes in preparation for the event.

Can I provide feedback on the events and the food?

Absolutely! As attendees savor each bite, they’ll have the chance to provide valuable feedback on comment cards, completing the circle of collaboration as we share these insights directly with the chefs post-event.

Is there a waiting list for sold-out events?

Indeed. If you go to reserve a seat for a scheduled R&D dinner and discover that it’s already sold out, you’ll be directed to a pop-up window where you can add your name to the waitlist.

What happens if an event is canceled or rescheduled?

If an event, for any reason, cannot take place as planned, it will be rescheduled. If you cannot attend the new event you will be refunded.

What is the cancellation policy for guest tickets if I can't attend with my guests?

Chefs are using your contributions to ensure they have the ingredients and staff needed to make the dinner amazing. Requests to cancel made three or more days before the event may be honored. However, cancellations within 72 hours before are not eligible for refund.


No refunds, but you can pause or cancel at any time.

How do I pause or cancel my membership?

Become an Insider

Join the biggest community of food and beverage lovers in the Southwest.

Pause or cancel anytime in the member portal.
We do not share or sell your personal data ever.

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